Kordis. Excellent Quality

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We are a UK based supplier of household products such as waste disposal bags, biodegradable bin liners, gloves and food storage bags to customers directly and also to the retail sector throughout Europe. The products supplied are sourced from a number of high quality key supply partners throughout Asia and Europe.

With over 35 years working in the sector we have developed excellent skills in the design, manufacture and sales of these products. We run our own product testing laboratory in the UK to evaluate the performance of suppliers and competitors. Our Quality Control team has decades of experience in testing products in this specialised sector.

reduce reuse recycle

The carbon footprint of Kordis

The carbon footprint of all our Kordis products is an important factor in their design. The following elements are all considered seriously when designing a product, but the primary strategic direction we follow is the policy of REDUCE then REUSE then RECYCLE.  This is the clearly stated policy of major environmental groups.

Kordis believes that the priority is to design a product in an environmentally responsible way, which means to REDUCE the material content to the minimum required for the product to perform correctly.

We believe that with many products in this sector there is plenty of scope to reduce the thickness, and occasionally the size, through the intelligent use of high performance polymers that have very high physical strength at low thickness.

reduce reuse recycle

Environmental benefits

By reducing the total amount of raw material used it is possible to generate significant environmental benefits:

  • The reduction of original raw material production (oil or gas) costs and energy, as less material is used.
  • The reduction of associated energy costs in delivering the raw material to the factory.
  • Reduced energy in producing the final (thinner) product.
  • Reduced energy in transporting the finished product through the logistics network to the retailers and consumers.
  • Reduced thickness of product leads to a smaller pack and therefore lower packaging costs and less material use.

Similar benefits for the retailer and consumer in selling a thinner, lighter product which performs as well as, or sometimes better than, current products