We have a range of household products to cover most of your domestic waste disposal and food storage needs. Each product has been designed by specialists to do its job with the least amount of plastic so as to minimise its carbon footprint. Just click on the product category blue block here to find what you need.

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Doing our part in saving the planet.

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Kordis acknowledges that the plastic products it sells could cause environmental problems if they are not disposed of responsibly.

Most of the products sold are waste bags or food storage bags which normally find themselves in the civic waste stream and are collected through government refuse collection schemes. These products are not generally discarded as litter.

Nevertheless there are still significant opportunities to design the products in an environmentally responsible way.

The carbon footprint of the Kordis products is an important factor in their design. The following elements are all considered seriously when designing a product, but the primary strategic direction we follow is the policy of REDUCE then REUSE then RECYCLE. This is the clearly stated policy of major environmental groups.

You can read more about the environmental issues concerning our products and the way in which Kordis aims to reduce the impact that its products has on the environment by clicking on our Environmental issues page