Why Face Masks?

Kordis Face Masks – We’ve got you covered!


We are a long established household products company based in the UK for nearly 20 years and have a management team with over 35 years of manufacturing and trading in household products all over the world.

Our main business was in selling bin liners, freezer bags and other household disposable bags but when the Covid-19 Virus pandemic started  in early 2020 we found it very difficult to buy decent face masks at a reasonable price for our families, so we decided to use our contacts and experience to import them into Europe ourselves.

We took our time and didn’t rush, as we wanted to learn about the various qualities of face masks, and more importantly, we needed to find a factory where we could trust that the products were made to the correct standards (with the correct government approved certificates) and that the materials used were also of the right quality, and tested independently to meet the necessary European standards.

We have now launched the Kordis single use 3 – Ply face mask for general use, at an amazing price that can be delivered to your door (for 90% of the UK population) at a price that is cheaper than all the major high street retailers.

These 3– Ply masks with elasticated ear loops are perfect for travel and also for use in enclosed spaces where social distancing can’t be guaranteed.

They are not medical grade masks for use in hospitals or in high risk areas, and the factory we purchase these masks from does not make the medical standard masks, so we are not taking capacity away from the medical sector. Our masks are made under strict hygienic conditions but the masks do not go through a special sterilisation process, which all medical grade masks need to have in order to qualify for the medical standard, so that is why we can sell them for general use.

There are lots of masks out there that claim to be 3 layer, and are blue on the outside and white on the inside, and that are selling at high prices, but not all 3 layer masks are the same. The important thing is to have this special layer of material that can filter out the smallest of particles, which we have had tested to meet EN 14683: 2019. This gives a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency  (BFE) of at least 95% which is generally regarded as a minimum you need for general use. There are masks out there that have a BFE of greater than 98% but we thought the extra cost for the minimal extra protection did not represent good value at the moment. These tests are essential to give you the confidence that the masks will provide you with the degree of safety you need, so be careful when comparing masks and pricing.

We are also working on an FFP2 respirator and will be launching that soon, as we found that the price of these masks were extortionate and out of reach for many people who wanted a higher grade respirator mask.

We are happy to sell to individuals or businesses and will keep our prices very competitive to ensure that as many people as possible can buy and use these masks, because we believe that our environment will be safer for everyone if we all use masks when travelling or when people are close together.


Stay safe and stay covered!

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